What to Wear for an Engagement Shoot

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

5 tips to help you choose what to wear for your engagement photos

Having trouble finding what to wear for your engagement shoot? Maybe you would like some insight on the different colors, outfits or jewelry to show off in your engagement photos. The different landscapes and backgrounds are important to consider when choosing the outfit that would suit better for the occasion. Up next, I will give 5 tips to take into consideration when choosing a particular outfit to get the best out of your engagement photo session.

1. Consider the Landscape

Choose colors that compliment the landscape where the photoshoot is taking place. For example, if the photoshoot is taking place at the beach, bright and vibrant colors usually look best for those occasions. Avoid wearing anything with too much texture or any yellows and oranges since that would not compliment the color of the ocean or sand. If the photoshoot is being taken at a forest or anywhere that involves greens, it would be best to not use outfits with very much graphics in them since that would get lost with the texture of the trees or dirt. Clean colors like blacks, whites, blues and greys always tend to look best when going for that bright or moody, warm look.

2. Try Not to Match with your Partner

Matching colors with your partner is not advised to do. Instead, complementary colors tend to look better for most occasions. If your partner is wearing blue, you should go for some type of red color. The most popular color combination tends to be for one of you to wear black and the other can choose almost any color since most colors compliment black very well. When doing this, try to choose a dark shade of the color so you both look equally exposed in the picture. If you still decide to go ahead and match your partner, go with the typical colors like white and black. Again, it depends on the landscape. In some occasions, the landscape would allow for both of you to wear black or white. Please no red on red or yellow on yellow action. It is a photographer's worst nightmare! Plus, pictures don't tend to look very good when deciding to go that route.

3. Pick an Outfit that Matches Your Personality

This is your photoshoot! It is important to go with something where both of you feel comfortable. To get to these beautiful landscapes, you might be getting a little dirty along the way. You'll be stepping over rocks and dirt. Choose something that represents your personality and see it as a one on one date with your partner. The photographer should only be there to capture the moment but being yourself with each other is important to get the best images possible. Be yourself, be comfortable and imagine yourself with your partner, enjoying time together as it passes.

4. Dress for the Season

Take advantage of the different seasons. You might want to wear a different outfit depending on the weather or time of year. In the winter, you might want to wear cool colors combined with warm attire. In the summer, bright, flashy colors like dresses, or other sunny weather attire would suit the time of year best. The weather during the day is what affects a picture the most. An image will look completely different when the sun is out compared to a cold gloomy day. Getting the look you want can rely heavily on the time and season you decide to set your engagement shoot for.

5. Imagine its both of you alone

It's important that both of you feel comfortable during your engagement shoot. Embrace each other. Act as if it was your first couple of dates together. Tell each other inside jokes that connect with both of you. Also, don't be afraid to get your outfit a little dirty. Unless you are looking for super formal pictures then go ahead and try to keep yourself as clean as possible. For my couples, I like them to connect with the atmosphere and the different elements. Try and go for that candid look. In my opinion, it provides for a more genuine emotion and allows for the photographer to capture the moment as it is.

Now that you have an idea of what outfits or colors would best suit the scene, implement these tips into your own ideas. I have provided these 5 tips to help you make the best decision on the outfits to choose for your engagement photos.

Asking your photographer for advice can also give you a different insight on what would look best for the location you set your engagement shoot for. As a wedding photographer, I have been photographing couples for some years now and I always try to give the best advice when having an engagement shoot. These are the photos before the wedding day and serve as an idea of what to expect from your photographer when the event arrives.