Armin Avila

Photographer | Filmmaker | Story Teller

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H  e  l  l  o

My name is Armin! I am born and raised in the Monterey Bay Area. To have been surrounded by many types of art and cultures throughout my life, the love for story telling and photography has always been a part of me. Making people relive their memories is something very special and the reason why I love wedding photography. My goal is not only to capture beautiful pictures but to come away with a love story by capturing raw emotion that creates a timeless piece of art. 

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L  I  F  E   S  T  Y  L  E

Addicted to travel!


In my free time I enjoy exploring new cultures, going on long bike rides along the coast and discovering new restaurants (Especially the ones that offer sushi. Any recommendations are welcome).


I enjoy all types of music from the old classical tunes to the new upbeat and dancing type of beats.


A chill time at home involves a cup of coffee with a bagel and some strawberry sauce.


Every single day of my life always involves a creative duty wether it's drawing, painting or simply writing. 

Keeping my body active is an important part of my life. Healthy body = Healthy mind

Check out more of my adventures on my personal instagram: @arminavila